That Damn Tom Brady

That Damn Tom Brady

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With the conclusion of Super Bowl LI, we now know one thing: that damn Tom Brady has to be mentioned as the greatest QB of all-time.

As hard as this is for me to talk about, it must be said.

Opinions and favoritism aside, Tom Brady has to be mentioned as the G.O.A.T now at the quarterback position. I

t’s not only the FIVE Super Bowl championship rings he has now, or the FOUR big-game MVP trophies he has, or not even the three MVP vehicles he has to find a parking spot for, remember CB Malcolm Butler has one from the game-saving interception in SB49, and as Brady indicated, running back James White has one from his record-setting Super Bowl performance (14 catches, 110 yards) from Sunday.

It’s the manner in which he did it this season.

Sunday,  that damn Tom Brady showed the world why he was in his record-setting SEVENTH Super Bowl.

Being down 25 points didn’t faze Brady at all. He only set a Super Bowl record with 466 yards while engineering a 25-point comeback in the game that featured the first overtime in Super Bowl history. Crossing routes, curls, out routes with a speedy receiver. Brady masterfully picked apart the Falcons defense with his 43 completions.

The worst part is that it’s not even about the Super Bowl performance that added to Brady’s case as the best ever.

It’s the 11-1 record during his 12 starts this season. Remember, he served that four-game suspension for being involved in Deflategate. I guess NFL commissioner Roger Godell was out to prove a point.

Brady seemed to not miss a beat with his 3,554 passing yards, 28 touchdowns and TWO interceptions. To me, that is more of a point than any suspension.

And speaking of suspensions, guess where Brady was around September?! He was busy taking a not-so-subtle shot at Godell with a certain commercial.

Roger that!

Coming from a lifelong fan of the Indianapolis Colts, BRAVO! Tom Brady BRAVO! I never have liked you for certain reasons but hey I guess this saying is true.

“You’re either with me or against me or you’re in my way.” -Gucci Mane, Atlanta-based rap artist.

I am now going to forget that I even wrote this article about this guy but it would be stupid for me not the recognize greatness.




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