Meet Dave

Meet Dave

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

June 16 in ’94. Ah! What a glorious day. Dead smack in the middle of the Indianapolis summer and this lady named Tina gives birth to her first child. From that moment forward, she knew a legend was born.

Now of course, I’m tooting my own horn but shhhhh! let me do my thing…

Anyways I grew up on the East side of Indianapolis making my name at Oaklandon and Brook Park Elementary schools.

Then to Fall Creek Valley for sixth and seventh grade where I am fondly remembered as the guy in the wheelchair. The wheelchair you ask?

I had bi-lateral foot surgery for troublesome birth defects stemming from living with Marfan’s Syndrome. Needless to say, I won’t be doing any foot modeling anytime soon.

I was introduced to 21st Century Charter School in the eighth grade where I would go on to finish high school and graduate. 21C was a K-12 school so running into my little sister got annoying at times. Love you T!

21C was different; we didn’t have lockers, or the clubs of a traditional high school. We didn’t have textbooks to carry around (which was a plus on the physical side) and we ate lunch while watching fourth and fifth graders have recess in the “gymnacafetorium.”

That’s a gymnasium, an auditorium and a cafeteria all combined into one. We would have fans sit in the cafeteria area for our home basketball games. We didn’t have a football team so our homecoming was during the basketball season.

Strange, I know…

But I would never go back in time to change schools. I met my best friends there, who I keep in close contact with almost daily, I felt as if I was apart of another family; there were 25 other graduates in my class. Most importantly, I met my mentor at 21C!

Mr. Courtney Crawley Sr. (Alabama A&M stand up!) was working for one of the local YMCA’s at the time and had a partnership to come to our school to do a bit of college readiness. Long story short, he and I have an inseparable bond that I think will last for generations. (pictured above)

After high school, the only plan was to travel 60-plus miles northeast of Indianapolis to a city known as Muncie. Ball State University was the only school I cared to get accepted to given the nature of my major. I graduated in four years with a dual-degree in Journalism and Telecommunications.

You may remember me from the multiples times where Dan Dakich would send me to the penalty box (sound booth) for interrupting his groove or calling him by his last name during his radio show.

Here’s a tip: NEVER CALL COACH BY HIS LAST NAME! Love ya Double D!

Or maybe it was the time where 2016 Indiana Sportscaster of the Year, Michael Grady, would do his routine introduction for the Grady and Big Joe Show and include “D. Jones the intern.”

Yeah, we haven’t forgot MG! Stay humble!

The point I’m trying to get at, was that I interned for ESPN 1070 The Fan, “HIGH ABOVE” Monument Circle in Indianapolis.

You may even remember me from my brief stint as the Sports Editor for the Paper of Montgomery County in Crawfordsville, Ind.

There’s a high possibility you will run into me at one of the LA Fitness locations in Indy, or at a grocery store or at a Pacers game. Hell, you might even catch me at GameStop.

You seriously cannot miss me, being 6-foot-9 tends to scare a few people or makes them intrigued to why I’m “not on someone’s team.”

I’m excited for what is to come in my near future. Hit me up on Twitter or e-mail but for now…

Peace. Love. Anyone tryna run five-on-five?



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