Same knee, same injury

Same knee, same injury

Photo credit: Gary Dineen, Milwaukee Bucks

Fans of the National Basketball Association and the Milwaukee Bucks all remember December 2014.

The Bucks were in Phoenix to visit the Suns on Dec. 15 and Milwaukee’s no. 2 overall pick of 2014, Jabari Parker went down in a heap.  

The 19-year-old product from Duke University and Chicago, Ill. had torn his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Parker would only play the first 25 games of his rookie campaign.

Last season, Parker would return to the Bucks’ fifth game of the year, just 11 months after his injury. Parker would finish the 2015-16 season playing in 76 games averaging 14.1 points per game.

This season, Parker started in 50 of the 51 possible games before being escorted off the court during the Feb. 8 game against Miami. Parker injured himself on a drive to the basket, ultimately stepping the wrong way on his left foot and going down immediately.

This marks time no. 2 that Parker tore his ACL in the same knee.

Soon to turn 22 years old in March, where does power forward go from here?

One would think that his career is not over but in order for him to continue playing, he has to transform his game and his body.

Parker is listed at 250 lbs. Reducing that weight by 15 maybe 20 pounds would surely help his knee.

Become a shooting threat.

According to the basketball reference website, Parker has increased his three-point attempts per game from 0.5 attempts in 2015-16 to 3.5 in 2016-17, but he is still a career 34 percent shooter from deep.

Parker plays best when he attacks the rim or gets the ball around the mid-post area for post-ups or mid-range jumpers. Banging bodies down low and on drives will have to be reduced dramatically if Parker wants to continue playing.

All in all, I wish Parker a speedy and safe recovery. Injuring yourself once is enough stress, but injuring yourself twice?! That seems overwhelming.

The Bucks host the Los Angeles Lakers Friday and then travel to Indianapolis to visit the Pacers during their celebration of the 1990’s decade on Feb. 11.

Peace. Love. Speedy recovery Jabari.


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