Confusion in Cincinnati

Confusion in Cincinnati

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

In their efforts to rebuild their program, the Cincinnati Reds traded away second baseman Brandon Phillips to the Atlanta Braves.

What did they get in return?

27-year-old reliever Andrew McKirahan and a 29-year-old Carlos Portuondo. Portuondo has only had experience in the minor leagues. McKirahan appeared in 27 games for the Braves last season.

Was the trade worth it?

Phillips is due to make $14 million this coming season, but the Braves will only have to shell out $1 million of his salary; what a bargain. Cincinnati will pay the remaining $13 million.

Phillips played for Cincinnati for 11 years earning four Gold Glove awards, three all-star appearances and a Silver Slugger award. The 35-year-old finished last season with a batting average of .291 while hitting 11 home-runs and driving in 64 RBIs.


What now for the Reds?


This organization has been in re-building mode for quite some time now. The Reds haven’t seen the postseason since 2013 where they lost the N.L. Wild Card against their division rival, Pittsburgh Pirates.


Since that time, the Reds have gotten rid of OF Jay Bruce (New York Mets), CP Aroldis Chapman (Chicago Cubs), starting pitchers Johnny Cueto (Kansas City, San Francisco) and Mike Leake (San Francisco, St. Louis) and have been last in the N.L. Central standings for the past two seasons and second-from-last in 2014.


The MLB Draft will most likely be the best chance of the Reds acquiring someone with star talent. Their first three picks are the no. 2, no. 32, and no. 38 picks of the draft which will be held on June 12-14. There is a possibility that someone will get drafted, start in the minors and have a breakout season. But for that to happen, Cincinnati has to play strong defense this season and hope that one of their starting pitchers will have a strong year on the mound.

Peace. Love. Can the Reds partake in a fantasy draft? is the email. Follow @dkjones_ on Twitter.


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