The Black male, his barber and the 48-hour rule

The Black male, his barber and the 48-hour rule

There is a special connection between an African American man and his barber, especially if the pair have been tied at the hip for years.

Take my relationship with my barber for example. Craig the Creator has been my go-to guy for 10 years now. He’s my barber, life coach, family member, mentor, stylist, etc…

When I walk into his shop, I feel at home. Craig and I can talk about anything and learn from each other almost every time. Through the years, he has seen me surpass middle school, high school and undergrad. Sometimes he forgets how old I am because he still sees me as a kid.

Other than that fact, there aren’t many people you can trust with your hair as you fall asleep in the chair. I’m notorious for the occasional 5-minute nap as Craig gets my usual low taper right.

I am 100 percent confident that I could sleep through an entire haircut and Craig would still activate the “48-hour rule.”

The 48-hour rule starts from the time you hand that mirror back to your barber counting until the time you lay your head down at night on day no. 2 of your fresh cut. There’s sort of an invincibility level about a man when he gets that fresh cut.

For me, if my beard is on point and my hairline is crisp, I’m taking at least 25 selfies, AT LEAST… I’m not big on photos at all but once I pull away from that shop I’m rolling down the street with the windows down, I want everyone to see.

Not too many men have a barber to go to for years like I have, so once they find that person, they usually go out of their way to keep up the visits.

So when I see the ladies tweeting or posting on Facebook about why we never cheat on our barbers. This is partially the reason.

Peace. Love. Fellas, if your barber doesn’t get the back of your neck, he don’t love you.

Stop by for a fresh creation. 5220 Keystone Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46220.



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