Chance the Rapper’s $1M donation

Chance the Rapper’s $1M donation

Let’s catch everyone up.

Chance The Rapper met with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner to discuss the public funding of Chicago Public Schools on March 3. Chance called Rauner’s responses “vague” after the 30-minute meeting.

Chance, whose real name isĀ Chancelor Bennett, held a press conference on March 6 by way of Instagram Live and Periscope from Wescott Elementary School on the South Side of Chicago to announce that he will donate $10,000 to 10 schools in Chicago, Wescott being one.

The 23-year-old, Grammy-award winning artist challenged businesses and corporations in Chicago to invest in the children as they have done in the businesses.


For someone who has only been to Chicago one time in my life, I find this rewarding although I reap no benefits.

It is great to see someone that is so young (turns 24 on April 16) give back to his hometown in this fashion. When it seems as if the city and the state turned their backs to the public education of the Chicago natives, Chance stepped up and started the challenge.

In the recent past, popular Atlanta-based rap group, Migos, donated $1,000 to their former high school, Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta. They posted a photo of the giant check and received a mixed bag of reactions, mostly shaming the group for not donating more.

Regardless of where you stand with either donation, any money to a school or its network is appreciated. I salute Chance the Rapper for doing what he thought was right and challenging others to continue the trend. I also salute Migos for donating money they rightfully could’ve kept to themselves.

One day, I hope I could find myself in a position to do much of the same for Indianapolis.

Peace. Love. Don’t knock a donation when you haven’t.



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