After 17 years of portraying James “Logan” Howlett or Wolverine, Hugh Jackman calls it quits on the X-Men films.

Going into this movie, I personally did not care about any of the comic-book plots or characters that the X-Men movies usually follow. I just wanted to see two great actors take on two of my favorite super-hero roles (Wolverine and Professor-X played by Patrick Stewart.)

Jackman and Stewart sent the Wolverine character off on a high note with their acting. It made for a very thrilling, graphic and somewhat dark film.

Rotten Tomatoes has it rated at 92% as of March 14, already bringing in $38.2 million.

I give Logan a 7/10 overall. Some of the spots in the movie seemed like filler to much of the audience I was part of, as we started to check our phones for brief moments. HOWEVER, I highly recommend people to go see Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine, if you care enough about his role.

Peace. Love. X-Men movie marathon (except The Wolverine)


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