Think About It Thursday

Think About It Thursday

Photo courtesy of Big Baller Brand’s Official Instagram page

It is Thursday so let’s take a moment to think about something going on in the news.

LaVar Ball of Big Baller Brand has definitely made a lasting media impression on Americans in the past year. He has recently caught the attention of the media by saying he wants to start a company-sponsored league for basketball prospects who do not want to go to college or overseas to get to the NBA.Ball spoke with ESPN’s Darren Rovell and here are a few of the details of their interview.

  1. Ball wants to get 80 of the nation’s top basketball prospects for 10 teams to play at NBA arenas in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Brooklyn.
  2. The league would be named the Junior Basketball Assocation
  3. Ball also plans to fund the entire league through his brand with players being paid from as low as $3,000 to $10,000 a month.
  4. The league would follow NBA rules such as four 12-minute quarters and the professional three-point distance.
  5. Since the league is sponsored by Big Baller Brand, all players would be wearing apparel from the brand.

Ball’s sons LiAngelo and LaMelo, most likely will not take part in the league due to their professional careers getting started in Lithuania.

Let’s think about this…

Assuming this league gets the backing from the NBA to play at the arenas, could it sell enough tickets to make a profit?

Most people only get to see the top college players during March Madness and the various NCAA league tournaments (Big Ten, Big East, etc.) How different would it be to see the no. 1 prospect in the country in the JBA instead of a top college like a Duke or a Kentucky.

Will this expand?

Starting in four locations is smart. Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Dallas are three of the ten biggest cities with Brooklyn essentially counting as New York City. Atlanta is not in the top 10 cities, population wise, but it has the capability of hosting large crowds—as noted with the 1996 Olympics.

Expanding to Chicago and Miami would have to be considered in the likely cities of expansion should this league take off. Chicago is a top 10 city based on population and it serves the Midwest region. Miami is a popular vacation destination and holds value for the prospects in Florida.

Overall, the JBA and Big Baller Brand could potentially have something groundbreaking here. Whether you support Ball or not, credit has to be given for having the vision to advance the process for young players to reach the NBA.

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