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It’s always fun to catch up with Double D!

It’s always fun to catch up with Double D!


Got home from work today and took a short nap only to have my Twitter notifications wake me from my sleep. It was Producer Kyle Kknezevich and the man, the myth, the legend… Dan Dakich from The Dan Dakich Show on ESPN 107.5/1070 The Fan. Continue reading “It’s always fun to catch up with Double D!”

Indiana comes from behind to beat Chicago

Indiana comes from behind to beat Chicago

Photo Courtesy of pacers.com

The Indiana Pacers led for 30.6 seconds in Wednesday’s matchup against the Chicago Bulls.

Bulls guards Kris Dunn and Denzel Valentine riddled the Pacers for the first 39 minutes. Dunn finished with 18 points, six rebounds and six assists. Valentine managed 15 points and eight rebounds. Bulls C Robin Lopez provided the Pacers big men with a formidable challenge as he finished with 16 points and five rebounds.

Enter Victor Oladipo… Continue reading “Indiana comes from behind to beat Chicago”

Way too early predictions for NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl 52

Way too early predictions for NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl 52

The 2016 NFL season was okay, but here’s to a much better 2017 season.

Seeing what became of the Dallas Cowboys young gunslinger Dak Prescott was entertaining. The evolvement of the Colin Kaepernick debacle is still being discussed as he remains jobless. And then the Atlanta Falcons epic Super Bowl 51 collapse against the New England Patriots. 

Well, yeah…

Let’s skip forward to the top 12 seeds shall we. In  the NFC; New Orleans, Dallas, Seattle and Green Bay will lock up the division crowns. The New York Football Giants and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers round out the playoff field as wild cards.

But check this out!

Tampa Bay gets to the Super Bowl. Desean Jackson signing with a young receiving core spells trouble for opponents. Tampa Bay edges out Dallas in what should be a spectacular NFC Championship game.

Now for the American Football Conference.

New England, Oakland, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh are the division locks. In that order actually, along with Houston and Kansas City as wild cards.

Something about Marshawn Lynch returning to his hometown Oakland Raiders screams storybook ending. Throw in a very sharp defense and a motivated Derek Carr, Oakland will punch their ticket to the Super Bowl over New England. 

Oakland edges Tampa Bay in a high-scoring Super Bowl game with a combined score of 69 points. 

Is this thing still on?

Is this thing still on?

Alright, a lot has happened since my previous post, leaving a lengthy gap between articles but let me explain.

I recently started a new job! My hours sound like crap to the average person but working in television news, I’m working the best shift!

If I had to poorly describe my job duties I would say that I make sure the anchors read sentences while looking at the correct cameras also I make sure those cameras are at the right locations.

It has definitely taken time to get adjusted to waking up at 2:45-3:00 a.m. in the morning but I love what I do. Plus, I get the rest of my day to do whatever and I get free food on occasion. Who doesn’t love that.

And now for the main course…The Indiana Pacers.

Now that the defending champs (Cleveland Cavaliers) swept the Blue and Gold in round 1 of the NBA playoffs, I can now tell you what I think about this failed experiment that was the 2016-17 season.

I remember attending the open practice back in October thinking that this team needed a few more pieces to get back to where it was three years ago.

This season was based solely on the word “IF.” If, never became “when.” Ending the regular season at 42-40 was very disappointing due to the fact that they were the last team in the playoffs as the no. 7 seed. (Chicago secured the no. 8 seed by winning their final regular season game minutes before the Pacers beat the Atlanta Hawks.)

Larry Bird has frustrated me enough to the point where I want him OUT. Seeing the Pacers go from a win away from reaching the NBA Finals in 2013 to Sunday’s results is completely disappointing. Not making a move to get Paul George some viable help, really cost this franchise.

As for Paul George, I want the no. 24 version back! The no. 13 version has cried long enough for foul calls, as if he should be receiving some “superstar treatment.” Watching George play in person for 38 of the possible 43 home games is enough for me to warn L.A. fans of what is to come. I am not ready to call George a main character just yet. He’s more like Robin if Batman called in sick. Superstars have that “killer instinct” naturally. It’s not developed. George doesn’t have that.

For the love of everything that is sane, please cut ties with Monta Ellis and C.J. Miles.

I have had it with Ellis’ lack of defensive awareness and offensive consistency. There are only so many times you can drive to the bucket, be in arms reach of the glass backboard and pass the ball out of reach or directly to the opposite team. And furthermore, Ellis can’t guard a brick wall. The lack of defensive IQ and the age are enough for me to wave goodbye to no. 11.

I don’t know when it happened but for majority of the season, Miles had a severe case of “swamp knees.” That’s when you fail to move without the ball on offense and fail to keep up on defense due to poor foot speed. Great shooter, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing that left-handed jumper go in but my patience is wearing thin.

Enough with the development of young players.

Sorry Rakeem Christmas, Joe Young and Georges Niang. It’s nothing personal but I am sick of seeing you guys keeping the seats warm and offer completely nothing to this franchise. Christmas gave the Pacers an edge before they re-signed Stephenson, which is crazy because all he literally did was scrap for loose rebounds. I am sneezing at the defense of Joe Young and I am sneezing at the athleticism of Niang. I’m all for getting veterans in here that have playoff experience.

Nate McMillan…

This is where the angel pops up on one shoulder and the demon pops up on the other.

I am about as torn between McMillan and Bird as I was with Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson with the Indianapolis Colts. Ultimately, I wanted Grigson gone, which happened, and I think I feel the same way about the Pacers.

If we keep McMillan, it is imperative that he gets new assistant coaches. I don’t mean just one, I mean a whole new coaching staff down to the trainers. One more year is what the angel side says.


I am not sold on McMillan’s ability to draw up plays, his offensive schemes or his game management. He needs to go. There’s a reason why he did not last in Portland. Today’s game is predicated on pick-and-roll, spacing and three-point shooting. McMillan’s offense is “free-flowing.”

I’m glad that Indiana has a little over five months to recover this offseason because we are going to need it.

Here’s ultimately what I want to happen this offseason versus what I think might actually take place:

WANTS: First things first, I want Herb Simon to increase the payroll for this franchise. We cannot compete for a championship being cheap. The Cavaliers own the highest NBA payroll at $127 million, you see who’s on that team as well. The Pacers sit at no. 20 with $94 million.

Everyone not named Teague, Stephenson,  George and Turner can have a safe trip leaving the city of Indianapolis. Resigning Teague is priority no. 1, but if we do not make any moves at getting George some help, I don’t know what else to say.

Bird to step down.

It’s about that time to call it quits for Larry Legend. I have lost complete faith in his ability to draft and to sign big-name free agents. We need to find someone who has a history of drafting good players.

What I expect to happen: Bird and McMillan stay for one more year. Don’t ask me why but the trend of mediocrity seems to be the case in Indiana.

I do expect the signing of an aggressive shooting guard (Caldwell-Pope from Detroit, Hardaway Jr. from Atlanta) and an athletic center to put Turner back at the starting power forward position. That would mean that Thad Young would come off the bench.

It’s purely speculation until the offseason is over but in order for the Pacers to go deep into the playoffs. They need to increase their spending and go after people that have been in the playoffs.

Thank you Joe Reitz

Thank you Joe Reitz

Photo from colts.com

After suiting up for 73 games with his hometown Indianapolis Colts, Joe Reitz decided to hang up his cleats on March 7.

The 31-year-old offensive tackle/guard was named the Colts Man of the Year this past season, after numerous efforts to impact the local community of Indianapolis.

For more on Reitz’s retirement and news about the Colts, visit http://www.colts.com

The mediocrity continues in Indiana

The mediocrity continues in Indiana

Photo credit: Max Becherer, Associated Press

The 2017 NBA trading deadline has passed and the Indiana Pacers’ front office could not make a deal with anyone.

As the time drew near to the 3 p.m. deadline on Feb. 23, the Pacers entertained trade possibilities from the Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers for four-time All-Star Paul George.  Continue reading “The mediocrity continues in Indiana”

Indiana Fever’s newest All-Star

Indiana Fever’s newest All-Star

The Indiana Fever have acquired five-time WNBA All-Star Candice Dupree in a three-team trade involving the Phoenix Mercury and Connecticut Sun. The deal was announced by Fever President and General Manager Kelly Krauskopf on Twitter.

Indiana receives Dupree and a second-round draft pick (No. 17 overall) in the 2017 WNBA Draft from the Mercury. Indiana will send Lynetta Kizer and the Fever’s first-round draft pick (No. 8 overall) to Connecticut.  Connecticut trades Camille Little and Jillian Aleyne to Phoenix to finalize the trade.

Indiana is coming off 17-17 season and the retirement of Fever great, Tamika Catchings. The Fever lost to the Mercury in the one-game first round of the WNBA Playoffs under the new format where the conference doesn’t matter.

Be sure to follow the Indiana Fever on Twitter @IndianaFever for up-to-date information.

Who’s going where?

With the conclusion of the 66th NBA All-Star Game and the bargain the New Orleans Pelicans pulled off for DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins from the Sacramento Kings Sunday night, all teams are up against the clock for all trades this season.

There are various teams that need to fill a void in order to make the playoffs. Here are the scenarios that I think should play out for each playoff team before the second half of the regular season kicks off. Continue reading “Who’s going where?”

Hard work beats talent

Hard work beats talent

Photo credit: Frank McGrath, Indiana Pacers

Intelligent sports fans immediately know when their player or team isn’t giving effort or they can figure out when that player or team is just going through the motions during a game.

Casual sports fans might not recognize it immediately but will pick up the clues before too long. This was the case Saturday night for the Indiana Pacers and its four-time all-star Paul George.

Continue reading “Hard work beats talent”